We offer travel insurance

When traveling outside the Latvian everyone wants to be assured of a medical emergency, will be cured of acute illness or receive assistance, are injured. Equally important is the question - how much will it cost? To not have to worry about these things, it is desirable to purchase travel insurance. If something happen - that the insurer will pay! Policy actions can last at least a couple of days, just so long as you travel. In addition, often the policy will cover losses incurred if lost luggage, and the costs associated with the deceased to be transferred home.

Any questions regarding the travel insurance is prepared to answer Christine. Probably call 67878610 or send a message to the

Yet it would be useful to know that any Latvian resident person has a right to apply for free and remove the Latvian Health Payment Centre European Health Insurance Card or EHIC. It guarantees the card holder who has gone outside their home country, in every European country of the free emergency and necessary health care to the same extent that it has secured the national population. For more information please Settlement Health Center website .