We offer the Traffic and TP transport insurance services


The State imposes by law on every motor vehicle owner required to purchase third-party liability, which is why this type of insurance called for compulsory civil liability insurance, or Traffic. Since you caused the accident would cover damage to third parties. This type of insurance conditions quite closely regulated by law, so the acquisition policy is relatively simple, standardized process. At the just completed application receiving contact you prepared for the offer and you will then only have to select your preferred!


Traffic in no case will not cover damage that you own inadvertently nodarāt your car (scratching, breaking, etc..) By any other cause of your car (stolen in the mirror, hitting the glass, etc..), Or whenever the car is completely destroyed or stolen. Then it must get KASKO insurance, which can be purchased on a voluntary basis, with varying surface conditions. When you buy a car lease, the KASKO insurance is a compulsory purchase.

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