About Us

We are Andris, Richard, Christine, Daiga - a small but united team, which since 2006. on within the insurance brokerage market and represent many companies and private interests to the insurers.

Help resolve insurance issues and needs related to:

  •     Cars and other vehicles,
  •     apartment, house or other property,
  •     health,
  •     travel,
  •     civil liability.

Good at doing their job, we have helped many companies and individuals to gain time for other important cases to accomplish.

Five basic principles which should always adhere to:

  •     Speed - are small and therefore flexible and fast,
  •     Individual approach - always iedziļināmies client's needs,
  •     Wide offer - all the basic needs of the business, you can meet with us
  •     Safety - to help our clients to receive the remuneration
  •     Honesty - act, subject to brokerage professional code of ethics.